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Eight years after director Shankar gave us the mind-blowing ROBOT, he is back again with a masterpiece of a sequel studded with jaw-dropping special effects befitting the presence of not one but two superstars this time!


With Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar joining the team as the villain, writer-director Shankar certainly had the daunting task of not only living up to the sky-high expectations of his fans but also to spin a story to justify the presence of two Rajnikants as well as Akshay in the sequel. After all, Rajni Sir’s career had touched an all-time high with the super-hit Robot in 2010 and to outdo that would be no mean feat.

In the double role of the robot- ‘Chitti’ and the scientist –‘Dr Vaseekaran’ who creates the robot, the original had pitted one Rajnikant against the other and that is what made that film an unforgettable treat for the fans. This time around both the robot and the scientist are pitted against ornithologist turned ‘Birdman’ Akshay Kumar. To help them in their task is Nila (played by actress Amy Jackson), another robotic creation of Dr Vaseekaran. She looks perfect for the part.

Right from the opening title credit scene, the superb 3-D effects come into play giving us an indication of the stunning VFX in store for us. In fact, the first half builds up the tempo so well and the special effects incorporated are so brilliant that we get totally immersed in the narrative which conveys the presence of a dark evil force lurking around the corner causing unimaginable and uncontrollable destruction to the city.

Everybody is foxed until the scientist Rajnikant comes up with the idea that that the only solution to combat this evil force could be to resurrect the robot Chitti which had been deactivated and dismantled many years back. But it is not easy to do that as the one to oppose this move is none other than the scientist son of Danny Denzongpa who was the villain in the original and who was killed by the robot. This then sets the scenario for some interesting action scenes.

So who is this ‘Birdman’? Why is he causing so much destruction and havoc? Is there any way to stop his attacks? Can the combined forces of Chitti and Dr Vaseekaran match this evil force? The audience is taken on an adrenalin-pumping roller-coaster ride with mind-blowing sequences which leave us spellbound.

Yet again there is an emotional message in the film like its original which would connect with the viewers in a big way. Another common thing between the two film is the blurry line between what is right and what is wrong and who is the true villain here! Just like Chitti won our hearts for his gimmicks in Robot, our heart does feel for the ‘Birdman’ and his ideology and once again questions the wisdom of all this technology being bombarded by the humans. In the end are we with our vast knowledge of artificial intelligence and technological wizardry sounding our own death-knell!

Watch the film for its visuals and the questions it raises and above all for the never-fading-charisma of ‘Thalaiva’ Rajnikant. Added to this is our own Akshay Kumar who brings an amazing dignity to his villainous character. He also gets to don an outstanding get-up which is thoroughly enjoyable!

Rajnikant is once again in full form and manages to recreate both the roles with his usual panache and conviction. It was wonderful seeing Akshay Kumar alongside Rajnikant and he does a superb job. He makes his entry only post-interval but once he arrives he has a lot of screen-time and also gets to bash Rajnikant in the fight sequences which is something almost unheard of in a usual Rajnikant film!

Of Course! The real hero in this film is actually the director and his vision and the pains he has taken to execute the brilliant vision to give the audience an unbelievable experience. The film deserves full marks for that. The plot is unique and the narrative is fast-paced and action scenes are truly amazing! There are no songs to distract us from the story-line. The background music is superb! And do wait for the post-credits scene at the end.

To be honest, it is not easy to write a review for a film like this as it is not just about a story being told. It is the visual treat to be experienced on the giant screens of cinema halls. No words can justify or describe what we feel while watching a film like this. Mounted on a lavish scale the director has spared no expense as is evident in every scene of the film. Made on a budget exceeding rupees 500 crores, it is the costliest film to be made and also the first Indian film to be fully shot in 3-D.

When a film has so much to offer I wonder why some reviewers just give bad star ratings and spread the bad word. Each film is a unique experience and every viewer responds differently. So why spoil the fun for those who are yet to watch.

Just go and have an amazing two and a half hours away from the daily humdrum of life and see the magic unfold …


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