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NBA draft : All 60 picks, first-round analysis all Information

The 2019 NBA draft is in books.

This was an eventful night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, featuring tears, excellent (and not-so-wonderful) organisations, and many false caps.

The presumptive top three pixels – Ducas Sion Williamson, J M Mourren of Murray State and RJ Barrett of Duke – went 1 – 2 – 3. But this a draft was deep, and a handful of players can change the franchise.

Who will be the next non-lottery players to develop in the Superstar, La LaGiysnice Entatoconpo or Que Leonard?


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Below is analysis every night, and also draft night.

1. New Orleans Pelicans:- Zion Williamson, F., Duke – No wonder here. Existing Williamson has been locked for this slot for months, and Pelicans – who agreed to trade superstar Anthony Davis last year for the Los Angeles Lakers – they have a new face of the franchise.

2. Memphis Grizzlies: Jay Mortent, G, Murray State – Memphis needed a point guard after reaching a deal to send the experienced Mike Conley to Utah, and Morent fits the bill – an explosive point guard who scores and Can pass. Grizzlies are in a rebuilding, and Mourtand is with the older man Jaren Jackson Jr., who was named NBA’s All-Rookie First Team last season.

3. New York Knicks:- RJ Barrett, F, Duke – In the Barclays Center, when the roar of Nux fans was called by Barrett, he said all this. Do not let this fact know that he is the third fool with you: he is not a consolation prize. He is a versatile wing with superstar capability, and you can expect that he will be able to handle the pressure to help the Nux get back to relevance.

RJ Barrett’s announcement to announce the loud applause from the crowd at Barclays Center:

– Ian Begley (@IanBegley) June 21, 2019
Treads Goral: Breaking the Draft-Knight Movement

4. Atlanta Hawks:- De’Andre Hunter, F., Virginia – Atlanta has traded with number 4 pickup to get Hunter, in which three pixels (eight, 17 and 35) were given. He has a right size for a little further, plays excellent defence, and has improved his 3-point shooting from the new player to the Seaformum these season with the all national champion Virginia(southeastern U.S) Cleveland Cavaliers

5. Cleveland Cavaliers: Darius Garland, G, Vanderbilt – Garland played five games with Vanderbilt only before knee injury, but the lack of college experience did not discourage Cleveland, and it should not be. Now, the question is how would the pair of Canvas make Garland and Colin Sexton, who had taken the eighth place in the last year’s draft?

6. Minnesota Timber wants: Gerret Clever, G., Texas Tech – Timberwolves moved the number 11 pick and Dario Derrick to Phoenix and took a shooting guard culver from Texas Tech, which was the most significant player’s of the year Culver will need to improve his 3-point shooting, but he has shown shine to throw shots down and comes from a defensive thinking program. It was the first big roster of new TimberWellz chairman of basketball operations, Gerson Rojas, who has been running since getting a job.

7. Chicago Bulls: Kobe White, G, North Carolina – went on the draft board during their weather with white tar heels, and their size and athleticism should help the NBA in its transition to both sides of the floor. He is not the best passerby or guard in the draft, but he has equipment to improve those areas.

8. New Orleans Pelicans: Jackson Hess, F., Texas – Pelican Executive Vice President David Griffin’s Operation of Basketball implemented the Athletic, FrontCort. On the way, he added Williamson to 6-11 Hayes, who was the Big 12 Freshman of the year. It is a good finisher (72.8% shot from the ground) and a excellent rim protector ( in thare 2.2 blocks per game ).

9. Washington Wizards: Rui Hachimura, F., Gonzaga – The Wizards needed Stretch-Four, and Huchimura is a just that He improved dramatically during his time with Gonzaga, posting an average of 19.7 points (59.1% on shooting) and an average of 6.5 rebounds during his junior season. He is the first Japanese player to be selected in the first round of the draft.

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10. Atlanta Hawks: Cam Rudish, F., Duke – The Hawks are filling their roster with talented young players. Reddish did not shoot one of the most beautiful seasons in his Duke in a year, but he often played a secondary role for Williamson and Barrett. It is believed that he will grow in the NBA as a player who can score from the perimeter and hit his shot on the drive. He also can be a strong protector.

11. Phoenix Sun: Cam Johnson, F., North Carolina – Johnson, 23, is one of the oldest players in the draft. There is also one of the best shooters. 6-9 forwards

11. Phoenix Sun: Cam Johnson, FR, North Carolina – Johnson, 23, is one of the oldest players in the draft. She is also one of the performance scanners. 6-9 Forward hit 45.7% in the last season of his 3-pointers with wire heels, and he fills a vacuum left by T.J. Warren, who first traded on Draft Day. Johnson was not expecting it would be taken high.

12. Charlotte Hornets: PJ Washington, F., Kentucky – Hornets selected a player who can be both forward position games (he is also a better 3-point shooter). In a rival Kentucky team, he was the chief scorer and rebounder of Wildcats. Hornets will be good pairing with Washington and the second year’s Forward Miles Bridge.

13. Miami Heat: Tyler Heroes, G, Kentucky – Heroes, as a shooter, left an impression on several teams during the individual workout which can also make reservations. During the pre-draft process, he warned the drafting board. He made 93.5% of his free-throw during his loan season with 35.5% of his 3-pointers and Kentucky.

Kentucky Wildcats Guard celebrates Tyler Heroes and PJ Washington further.
Kentucky Wildcats Guard celebrates Tyler Heroes and PJ Washington further. (Photo: Danny Medley, USA Today)

14. Boston Celtics: Romeo Langford, G, Indiana – Celtics wanted a scoring shooting guard, and they got one in Langford. There are Another player who needs to work on his 3-point shooting, Langford’s size is reasonable (6-6), he can get his shoot and rebound. He led Big Ten Freshmen (16.5 points per game) in Skiing.

15. Detroit Piston: Seco Douboutia, F., France – First player with a college experience taken in this draft, Dimbouya and its all-around skill set piston fancy should be excited. That is a raw possibility, but he is the youngest player for the draft, and he has a high ceiling.

16. Orlando Magic: Chuma Okek, F., Auburn – I was not the music released by ACK’s torn ACL during NCAA Tours. It was estimated to take a late round or paper second round in several mock drafts, but there is an office in front of Magic that is known to go against the grain.

17. New Orleans Pelicans: Nickel Alexander-Wacker, G. Virginia Tech – Another young player for Pelican, who would be benefiting from playing with Junior Holiday to build around the combo-walker, Alexander-Walker. He led the Hockey in the last session as a game in Skiing (16.2 points per game).

Virginia Tech Hokyce Guards Nickel Alexander-Walker
Virginia Tech Hokyce Guards Nickel Alexander-Walker (Photo: Michael Tho Shawyer, USA Today Sports)

18. Indiana Pacers: Goga Bitadez, C, Georgia (Country) – A right centre who likes to play at lower positions, 19-year-old Bitadez was named as 2018-19 Eurolieg Rising Star. Wins in the last two seasons? Lukas Donsik

19. San Antonio Spurs: Lukasonic, F., Croatia – He is not well known as Damboa or Bitadez, but Vaaniik – 6-11 is a versatile aggressive game at the forward-centre and a great fit in Sanononio. It is possible.

20. Philadelphia 76ers: Matis Theological, F., Washington – Philadelphia went to protect the periphery in Thebull, which was the 2019 Naismith Defensive Player of the Year and two-time PAC-12 Defensive Player of the Year. He broke Gary Petan’s 30-year convention with 331 career piracy, which included 126 theft (3.5 games per game) as a senior. He also took the average of 2.3 blocks.

21. Memphis Grizzlies: Brandon Clark, F., Gonzaga – Clark is an excellent athlete and defender, who made a name for himself after moving from San Jose state to Gonzaga. He performed an average of 3.2 stages during the 2018-19 season and scored a significant performance in the NCAA Tournament – 36 points on 15-18 shoots, eight rebounds and five blocks in the second round against Baylor.

Gonzaga Bulldog pushed Brandon Clark forward
Gonzaga Bulldog pushed Brandon Clark forward (Photo: Kirby Lee, USA Today)

22. Boston Celtics: Grant Williams, F, Tennessee – Williams is a power that can do a lot of work – can reach score, pass, rebound, block and free-throw line. Williams was interested in the Ivy League but chose Tennessee, where he was the first back-to-back player of the year after 1995.

23. Oklahoma City Thunder: Darius Bazle, EF – 6-9 Forward took an additional sessional route for the NBA, forced the college to earn $ 1 million internship with a new balance. But he was impressed with the combine and Thunder was ready to take risk.

24. Phoenix Sun: Ti Jerome, G, Virginia – Jerome is a strictly-minded guard who can facilitate crime as a passer-by and shooter. He shot 39.9% on 3-points and in the previous season, he performed 13.6 points as Junior, 5.5 assists and 4.2 rebounds. Jerome played an essential role in helping the cavaliers lead the national rankings.

25. Portland Trick Blowers: Nasser Leal, F., Northletina – Lièl – A 6-6, Uber-Athletic Ford – has a lottery level talent, and, surprisingly, he has fallen to it.

26. Cleveland Cavaliers: -Dylan Windler, F., Belmont – One of the best 3-point shooting short forward in the country, Windler shot an average of 21.3 points and 42.9% beyond the arch during his senior season. There will be no problem in stepping out of the NBA range and making shots.

27. Los Angeles Clippers: Mephionado Cognel, F., Florida State – Kabingal, nephew of the Hall of Fame Dickeme Mutumbo, were some of the best measurements in the alliance, and they took a big step with Simpole during their Sampomore season. The number 27 slot has been a gold mine in recent years (Kyle Kuzma, Pascal Siam and Rudy Gobert), so the introduction of Cabanagele is good.

28. Golden State Warriors: Jordan Poole, G, Michigan:-Warriors need to shoot some perimeter with injuries to Kevin Durant and Kell Thompson, and they get from the pole. He shot 36.9% for 3-points and made five or more trios in one game five times in the last season. He is also a credible free-throw shooter – an indication that his shot will translate into the NBA.

29. San Antonio Spurs: Caldyn Johnson, G, Kentucky – Johnson, third Kentucky player has been drafted in the first round, NBA has the potential to have a solid 3-and-D wing. Still, a smart, late-round pick from Spurs.

30. Cleveland Cavaliers:- Kevin Porter Jr., G, Southern California Porter Jr played in just 21matches and achieved only 9.5 points in his new season at USC, but his size is perfect (6-6, 213 pounds and is) ) The ability to be a great scorer based on their ability to create shots in one action after another.

Second Round
31. Brooklyn Nets: Nicholas Clackston, C, Georgia

32. Miami Heat: Cage Ocpala, F., Stanford

33. Boston Celtics: Carson Edwards, G, Purdue

34. Philadelphia 76ers: Bruno Fernando, C., Maryland

35. New Orleans Pelicans: Marcos Luzda Silva, F., Brazil

36. Charlotte Hornets: Cody Martin, G, Nevada

37. Detroit Piston: Dividas Siridis, F., Lithuania

38. Chicago Bulls: Daniel Gafford, F., Arkansas

39. Golden State Warriors: Ellen Smiljak, C, Serbia

40. Sacramento Kings: Justin James, F., Wyoming

41. Golden State Warriors: Eric Paschell, F., Vilanova

42. Washington Wizards: Admiral Showfield, F., Tennessee

43. Minnesota Timberwels: Jellen Novell, G, Washington

44. Denver Nuggets: Lyrics, C, Oregon

45. Detroit Piston: Isaiah Robbie, F., Nebraska

46. ​​Los Angeles Lakers: Tallen Horton-Tucker, G, Iowa State

47. Sacramento Kings: Ignas Brazdicis, F., Michigan

48. Los Angeles Clippers: Terence Mann, F., Florida State

49. San Antonio Spurs: Quindy Weatherpoon, G, Mississippi State

50. Utah Jazz: Jerele Brentley, F., Charleston

51. Boston Celtics: Tremont Waters, G, LSU

52. Charlotte Hornets: Jalan McDannell, F., San Diego State

53. Utah Jazz: Justin Wright-Foreman, G, Hofstra

54. Philadelphia 76ers: Merrill Seyok, F., State of Iowa

55. New York Knox: Kyle Guy, G, Virginia

56. Brooklyn Nets: Jellen Hands, G, UCLA

57. Detroit Pistons: Jordan Bone, G, Tennessee

58. Utah Jazz: Miyi Oni, Jee, Yale

59. Toronto Raptors: Diwan Hernandez, C, Miami

60. Sacramento Kings: Vanja Marinkovic, G, Serbia


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